Teach, Talk, Try: 2022 Webinar Series

As we continue to persevere through our "new-normal", MDK Business Law Professional Corporation has continued to release a series of webinars in partnership with Invest Ottawa (IO).

Please note, a majority of these webinars are structured as highly interactive, online workshops (Teach, Talk, Try) where participants received practical guidance from our presenters.

Please click on each of the titles below to access our past webinars via powerpoint: 

1. Global Privacy Law Update






In this highly interactive and fast-paced workshop designed for an Invest Ottawa audience (Teach, Talk, Try), MDK’s lawyers give an update on privacy law issues or changes affecting businesses with customers in North America, Europe and other countries around the globe.

In this webinar, Drew Kelsall and Parisa Khazra touch base on the following topics:

  • Privacy Legislations in Canada & Abroad
  • Upcoming changes in Canada, BC and Alberta
  • Quebec's Bill 64
  • California Privacy Laws
  • EU's GDPR Updates
  • China's new Privacy Legislation


2. Business Break-Ups: A Legal Perspective






In this highly interactive and fast-paced workshop designed for an Invest Ottawa audience (Teach, Talk, Try), lawyers from MDK Business Law will share a number of issues and lessons learned arising out of the planned or forced parting of ways amongst business partners.

In this webinar, Naomi Morisawa De Koven and Justin Clory discuss the corporate, commercial and employment law issues to be mindful of when making the decision to break up a business partnership.


3. Spring Cleaning for Businesses






In this webinar, Parisa Khazra and Justin Clory discuss:

  • Cleaning up your minute book (corporate record requirements and best practices)
  • Cleaning up your commercial agreements (keeping agreements organized; clauses that are important to make note of and keep track of; noteable recent changes.)
  • Personal information (best practices for collection, use and retention of your personal information and client information, and important requirements.)


4. Legally Compliant = Bare Minimum






In this Ask Me Anything webinar, Dr. Sue Haywood, Retention & Workforce Productivity Expert, and Justin Clory, MDK Business & Employment Law Expert, share how to be legally compliant in today’s remote workplace, and why it should be the bare minimum for companies of any size.

In December 2021, Bill 27 – also known as the Working for Workers Act – was passed by the Ontario government. Justin, Business Lawyer at MDK Business Law, reviews the Working for Workers Act, along with general employment law considerations for virtual employees such as:

  • Which provinces employment laws apply to a virtual employee living outside of Ontario;
  • Accommodations and health & safety considerations;
  • Key considerations in the employment contract;
  • Workplace policies; and,
  • Other items to consider, such as tax consequences.









Corporate Spring Cleaning (new date)