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Go GC+ to gain the advantages of adding the critical legal perspective to the C-Suite of your rapidly growing business for faster short-term growth and long-term strength, and resilience. At any given time, the optimal GC+ service level for your business is dependent on the areas of risk, growth and strategic focus for your business and your current management team skillset and capacity.



Virtual Law Department (VLD)

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GC+ Spark services are built for businesses without full-time in-house legal counsel and which require a legal boost to quickly and efficiently overcome barriers to continued growth.

GC+ Spectrum services address the needs of businesses without full-time in-house legal counsel and which require a more comprehensive solution which includes the GC+ Spark services and a deeper level of engagement by the GC+ lawyer as a part-time member of the management team three to four times per week.

Virtual Legal Department (VLD) services assist businesses with a solo in-house lawyer with limited resources to invest in building an in-house law department.

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Not sure which GC+ service is best for you?

Not sure which GC+ s‍‍‍ervice is best for you?

Join‍‍‍ Us‍‍‍

GC+ is searching for experienced, qualified lawyers in Ottawa and the‍‍‍ Greater Toronto area to join our team.

GC+ gives lawyers the flexibility to work part-time for a few growing businesses during their preferred times. We also give a variety of assignments, which provides a diverse work environment and a chance to experience various sides of a business.

GC+ also allows for our lawyers to benefit from access to the latest legal technology and the support of Virtual Law Department team members.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team or you would like to know more about GC+, please email your resume and a brief cover letter to naomi@gogcplus.com. The ideal candidate will have at least 10 years of experience as a business lawyer and have served as a senior in-house legal counsel and/or business executive.





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