The Ottawa Valley has a strong sense of community. Always welcoming, you always feel as if you're walking into a home away from home.

Small Businesses

Food and Beverages

Being the capital of a nation, Ottawa is a hub of various cultures. Making it the home to flavours from all over the globe.


The Ottawa Valley is proud to be home to 33 craft breweries and to have access to such a range of styles and local flavors. Having access to world class ingredients ours brewers are free to experiment in whatever ways they see fit.

Drawing on the influence of Toronto and Montreal broadcast and informed by the history of the capital, Ottawa seeks to be quietly assertive in it's simplistic approach to design. Be it graphic design, telecommunications, or public broadcast Ottawa always seems to be clean and concise

Digital Media and Broadcast

From organized builders like the Canadian Space Agency and the Canada Arm. To the everyday hardware hacker using recycled parts to create something never seen before, Ottawa is bursting at the seems with people creating the next big thing.

Builders and Makers

Knowledge Based Companies

With an entire district dedicated solely to the consulting industry, Ottawa fierce competition guarantees us the best of the best no matter your environment.


From Bell labs, to Nortel, Corel, Alcatel to Shopify, Ottawa has always been a hot bed for startups becoming international powerhouses. With access to great minds, innovative thinkers and a strong business community, it's no surprise that Ottawa is one of the de facto tech hubs of Canada

Home to the Experimental Farm and multiple world class research institutions, Ottawa and the companies that call it home are well placed to be on the bleeding edge of innovations in the sector.

Agriculture and Life Sciences

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